Real Tiki with Fur Friends

Where our adventure began

Kelby and Makuus' Tiki adventure started on the white sand beaches of the Seven Seas Lagoon, at the bar of the famous Trader Sam. Here, they got lost in a theatrical world of island gods, flaming volcanoes, and hippos hiding out in trees. The local libations were potent and fruity, and showcased quite an exciting new visual and taste sensation. These sweet "boat drinks" only showed a small potential of what would soon be discovered.

Ever curious our adventurers sought out recipes for these long lost concoctions. They were led to a book that featured a recipe for the renowned Mai Tai made famous by another trader named Vic. It listed simply light rum, dark rum, orgeat, simple syrup, lime. What were these different rums? What was this Orgeat elixir? What else was possible with items such as these? The answers to these questions and more would slowly be learned in talking to those who journeyed before them, and in reading their tales.

Longing for more, our heroes set out again and again, to new destinations across the land, enjoying the flavors, basking in the tropical evening's glow, and bringing other friendly adventurers along with us.

If you wish to explore and learn of this world, our duo is always willing to lead a brave few on an adventure of their own.